Vehicle Avoidance Lateral Lamp (VALL)

The Vehicle Avoidance Lateral Lamp, also known as VALL, is an amber-colored lamp designed for everyday driving. It projects a margin of light that highlights areas of high risk along the length and sides of the vehicle, enhancing visibility for the driver and other road users in poorer lighting conditions. By avoiding these high-risk areas, we prioritize personal and collective safety. The VALL serves as a reminder to both drivers and vulnerable road users to maintain a safe distance and keep the areas unobstructed.

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Interviews Conducted During the Trial

Interviews were conducted during the trial and included a selection of bus drivers, a garage manager, a police officer, a claims manager, a haulage truck owner/driver and a coach workshop manager. The interviews from the above groups were found to be positive and in favour of the VALLs. The participants discussed various advantages of the lights; they suggested that the system made driving the bus easier: “It makes life easier definitely, it makes life easy.” All of the participants agreed with this sentiment. They also expressed the opinion that the lights would be especially useful for Central London routes where there is a large number of passengers and pedestrians.

None of the drivers had any incidents or near misses when they had the VALL’s operational on the bus.

Coach, Truck, Van, Caravan and Bicycle

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