Vehicle Avoidance Lateral Lights

JBDL is adding a new Vehicle Avoidance Lateral Light to its products. The all-in-one side marker with downlight differs from its predecessors in that, at the request of the Police, JBDL has added more angular adjustments to maintain the 1.5 metre footprint along the sides when the light is fitted at various heights but in particular, closer to the ground where the bodywork is fitted close to the road surface.

The 1.5 Metre Footprint Is Used By Some Police Forces in their #OpClosePass

Just the same as with driver’s being prosecuted for passing or overtaking ‘too close’ to a cyclist, any cyclist’s that enter in to the Vehicle Avoidance Lateral Lights illuminated footprint when in the proximity of a vehicle, could be deemed ‘too close‘ and depending upon the circumstances, may be cautioned and/or prosecuted, if spotted. This information is correct and has the agreement of the West Midlands Police as of 07.11.2017.

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