Vehicle Avoidance Lateral Lights (VALL's)

VALL’s are a series of downlights fitted closer together along the sides of the vehicle which helps with two safety concerns. The first is that it helps the driver to see along the sides of the vehicle in poorer lighting conditions especially when driving or working in the dark. The second benefit is for the Vulnerable Road User (VRU). The downlights project up to a 1.5 metre footprint of light to the outside of the vehicle (daylight intensities permitting), which MUST be kept clear of at all times by both other road users, (when approaching the vehicle), and by the vehicle driver, (when overtaking others, particularly VRU’s), in the interest of personal and others safety and to allow for the safe handling of the vehicle.

Coach without VALL’s

VALL’s Video

Coach with VALL’s

The 1.5 Metre Footprint Is Used By Some Police Forces in their #OpClosePass

Just the same as with driver’s being prosecuted for passing or overtaking ‘too close’ to a cyclist, any cyclists that enter in to the Vehicle Avoidance Lateral Lights (VALL) illuminated footprint when in the proximity of a vehicle, could be deemed ‘too close’ and depending upon the circumstances, may be cautioned and/or prosecuted, if spotted. This information is correct and has the agreement of the West Midlands Police as of 07.11.2017.

If a vehicle is using external recording cameras in conjunction with the VALL’s and an incident occurs within the illuminated footprint, any possible impingement of the area can be examined with possible blame apportioned. The Highway Code stipulates a clearance to be given to larger vehicles to enable its safe handling.

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