The All-in-One unit is perfect for fitment on to the sides of Buses, Refuse Vehicles, Panel Vans, Caravans, Motorhomes, Trucks, Trailers and Rigids, in fact any vehicle with side skirts or panelling as the outer surface.

If  the lamps  are used in conjunction with the JBDL controller: the side markers will flash in unison with the indicators (as per the November 2017 Regulation revision 6); the downlight footprint will flash in unison with the vehicle indicators; there is a ‘slow speed’ function where the downlights will automatically illuminate on and off in stop/start traffic up to and including 15 kph projecting a ‘keep clear area’ to all road users which must be avoided in the interest of personal and road safety; the downlights will also stay on in conjunction with the vehicle light switch.