Compare ‘with and without’ Bicycle Downlights video

Cyclist Advice and Driver Interaction video

BBC News on Bicycle Downlighters video

Cyclist Aerial Video

VRU in mirror
VRU in blind-spot
VRU crossing in Front of a Vehicle

Cyclist in Vehicle Mirror

Cyclist in Driver’s Blind-Spot

Cyclist Crossing Path of a Vehicle at a Junction

The benefit of having downlights fitted to a bicycle is that the VRU is also offering a suggested ‘keep clear‘ area to drivers, which should NOT be impinged, to allow for safe interaction to take place. It is therefore respectfully requested, that in the interest of Road Safety, both Driver and VRU should refrain from entering into each others footprint or ‘keep clear‘ area. Please view the video clips to gain a better understanding. For further detailed information on this advice, please see the download documents on the Driver and Cyclist pages. It is important that VRU’s and Driver’s understand these suggested ‘keep clear‘ areas and that if you enter in to them, someone’s road safety may be put at risk.