JBDL Three Function Control Box

The JBDL Control Boxes are wired and programmed for the SINGLE downlight (two-core system), COMBINED side marker with downlight (2 x two-core systems) and the VALLs ‘all-in-one’ (three-core system). A special ‘Y’ connector is required to connect up to any of the three systems as agreed by the Department for Transport and the Vehicle Certification Agency.

The Part No. 1.5107.0000077 control box does NOT permit the ‘Optional Side Marker Downlight’ (OSMDLS) to flash with the vehicle indicator. It does however, permit the vehicle side markers to flash with the vehicle indicator. Confirm the functions you require when ordering.

The Part No.1.5107.0000076 control box includes a ‘switch wire’ option on the control box which allows the ‘optional’ fitment of a switch (not supplied), on the driver’s dashboard which can turn ON and OFF the flashing part of the ‘Optional Side Marker Downlights’ (OSMDLS). Confirm that the flashing function is required for the ‘Optional Side Marker Downlights’  (OSMDLS) when ordering. If flashing of the OSMDLS is NOT required, the above 1.5107.0000077 control box suffice.