JBDL is working in partnership with FORS and can offer registered FORS Members a 5% discount on any FULL DOWNLIGHT KIT purchased direct from us. Please contact us to arrange for the discount with FORS ID. and Accreditation. SHOP……

Some Driver Benefits:

Easier to see when completing vehicle checks, visual margin for safer operation of vehicle when driving, easier to see when reversing in to dark areas, projects a ‘keep clear’ area to other road users to maintain safe handling of the vehicle, helpful when completing on-site manoeuvres, plus many more. To read the GOLD FORS case study…..

Vulnerable Road User (VRU) suggested ‘keep clear’ area:

If you have ever travelled on the train or in particular, the underground, you will know that there is a visible line along the platform which everyone is encouraged to stand behind, so as not to impede the more dangerous area that is in close proximity to the approaching train. This ‘keep clear’ area is a well-known practice and is in the interest of personal safety. The VRU, pedestrians and cyclists in particular, plus work-related personnel, when in the vicinity of large vehicles; E.G. whilst waiting to cross or use the road or when in the confines of the workplace, is faced with an identical scenario to the train analogy – keeping a safe distance from the vehicle. To read more or download the information…..