Aerial view of Mercedes with downlights and 3 functions – 2015

Van with Vehicle Avoidance Lights (VALs) – 2017

Coach with Vehicle Avoidance Lights (VALs) – 2019

STORY SO FAR – London buses and Vehicle Avoidance Lights (VALs) – 2021

Transport for London bus trials are in progress with the final phase three currently in operation. The ‘new’ London bus video should hopefully be uploaded during February 2021.

Transport for London’s Bus Safety trial of the VALs – there are 3 phases to the trial:

  1. Phase 1 – the ‘slow-speed’ function – when the ignition is switched ON the VALs will come ON projecting an ‘area of  high risk’ along the sides of the vehicle and stay on until the vehicle reaches a speed above 15 kph when the VALs will go OUT. Once the speed drops below 16 kph, the VALs will come back ON projecting the ‘area of high risk’. (accepted by the DfT)
  2. Phase 2 – the ‘static’ function –  when the vehicle lights are switched ON, the VALs and projected ‘area of high risk’ will stay illuminated until the vehicle lights are switched OFF, when the VALs will then go OUT and return to the ‘slow-speed’ function. (accepted by the DfT)
  3. Phase 3 – the ‘static’ function (phase 2) is in operation with the addition of the VAL’s and its associated ‘area of high risk’, flashing during the bus indicator application. (findings TBC by the DfT early March 2021)

It should be noted that the downlights are NOT indicators pur sae, but the downward footprint ‘area of high risk’ will ‘flash’ giving all road users within close proximity, an additional warning of a possible lane change, turning, or pulling over.

Granted Patent Nos. GB 2488862 and US 9242596