First New-Build Tipper with Downlights and 3 Functions video

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‘OUT of HOURS’ deliveries and Driver Advice when Interacting with VRU’s video

First New-Build Trailer with Downlights and 3 Functions video

With the continual increase in traffic and Vulnerable Road User (VRU) interaction in our Towns and Cities, and to try and relieve the congestion at certain peak times, ‘OUT-OF-HOURS‘ deliveries are being encouraged as part of the solution. One of the benefits of the JBDL system is the ‘Slow-Speed‘ function. The downlights offer a footprint or visual ‘keep clear‘ area along the sides of the vehicle in stop/start and slow moving traffic situations up to and including 15 kph. This suggested ‘keep clear‘ area can be seen by VRU’s as the vehicle approaches or when in close proximity when interacting in traffic.

With the vehicle ignition OFF:

The downlights will come ON with the vehicle sidelights. Aids the driver to observe around the vehicle if parked up and helps to ensure vehicle and load safety.

With the vehicle ignition ON the following is activated:

  1. SLOW-SPEED – when the ignition is switched ON the downlights will come ON and stay on until the vehicle reaches a speed above 15 kph, when the downlights will go OUT. Once the speed drops below 16 kph, the downlights will come back ON.
  2. SIDELIGHT SWITCH – with the sidelights ON the vehicle/trailer can be taken ABOVE 15 kph and the downlights will stay ON with the vehicle lights.
  3. FLASHING – With the indicators ‘Left’ and ‘Right’ being applied separately, the downlights on each side will flash in unison with the corresponding indicator. It should be noted however, that the downlights are NOT indicators pur sae, but the downward footprint will ‘flash’ giving all road users within close proximity an additional warning of a possible action such as a lane change or turning. Finally, when the hazard warning lights are applied, all of the downlights will flash in unison with the vehicle hazard warning lights.