Vehicle Downlights – Jimmy Beam Down Lights

Early morning interaction
Open road view
‘KEEP CLEAR’ footprint

The safety concept of Vehicle Downlights and the JBDL System with associated functions:

‘Vehicle Downlights’ project an illuminated ‘footprint’ on to the ground (lighting conditions permitting), to aid the driver to see what may be in close proximity of the vehicle and to help establish vehicle positioning when in traffic. The ‘footprint’ also doubles-up as a suggested ‘keep clear‘ area for vulnerable road users (VRU’s) to be aware of when maintaining their own personal safety. The JBDL System offers 3 functions to ‘Vehicle Downlights’To read the GOLD FORS case study…..

Benefits to Driver, Motorist, Other Road User and Company:

The Company may benefit the most from installing ‘Vehicle Downlights’ with an increased Corporate Image by administering additional Health and Safety measures towards the well-being and safety of all other road users. This should lead on to improved respect from the public, reduced asset and property damage, reduced insurance claims and so reduced downtime.

The driver is an ambassador for the Company and well-presented vehicle displaying good all-round safety precautions for everyone’s well-being, is the perfect image that any Organization could wish for!

There are many benefits to the above groups of people. To read more or download the information…..

‘Keep Clear’ Area for All to See

If you have ever travelled on the train or in particular, the underground, you will know that there is a visible line along the platform which everyone is encouraged to stand behind, so as not to impede the more dangerous area that is in close proximity to the approaching train. This ‘keep clear’ area is a well-known practice and is in the interest of personal safety. The VRU, pedestrians and cyclists in particular, plus work-related personnel, when in the vicinity of large vehicles; E.G. whilst waiting to cross or use the road or when in the confines of the workplace, is faced with an identical scenario to the train analogy – keeping a safe distance from the vehicle.

Often the vehicle may take an obscure line when turning and may not be understood by the VRU. However, the JBDL ‘footprint’ pertaining to the indicator being applied, will flash on the ground. This gives the VRU an additional visible warning to confirm the vehicle’s intended change in direction, regardless of its road position but which may be a necessary action when maintaining the safe handling of the vehicle.

Many injuries and fatalities regarding VRU’s are as a result of this dangerous area being impinged and because of the close proximity to the vehicle, it is not always possible for the driver to see, if anything, is within the danger area when carrying out the different complexities of a manoeuvre. It is for this reason that a suitable boundary surrounding the vehicle should be ‘kept clear’. To read more or download the information…..