UK Flag

The UK’s Department for Transport and the Vehicle Certification Agency confirms vehicle downlights can be used on the roads of the UK and they can also be fitted to ‘new-builds’ at manufacture.


Available from September 2017!

COMBINED side marker with downlight

German Flag

The German Federal Ministry of Transport and the Federal Motor Transport Authority confirms that side marker / downlights can be used on the roads of Germany. They can also be fitted to ‘new-builds’ at manufacture in line with UK stipulation…News.

SINGLE Downlight

The safety concept of ‘Vehicle Downlights’:

‘Vehicle Downlights’ project an illuminated ‘footprint’ on to the ground (lighting conditions permitting), to aid the driver to see what may be in close proximity of the vehicle and to help establish vehicle positioning when in traffic. The ‘footprint’ also doubles-up as a suggested ‘keep clear‘ area for vulnerable road users (VRU’s) to be aware of when maintaining their own personal safety. The JBDL System offers 3 functions to ‘Vehicle Downlights’To read the GOLD FORS case study…..

‘Keep Clear’ area for all to SEE!

If you have ever travelled on the train or in particular, the underground, you will know that there is a visible line along the platform which everyone is encouraged to stand behind, so as not to impede the more dangerous area that is in close proximity to the approaching train. This ‘keep clear’ area is a well-known practice and is in the interest of personal safety. Many injuries and fatalities regarding VRU’s are as a result of this dangerous area being impinged…..  To read more or download the information…..