Independent Trial Report on ‘Optional Side Marker’ – Downlights (OSMDLS)

The FINAL REPORT viewed on the JBDL website (left-hand link below), is verbatim as compiled by Loughborough University.

However, wrong information and the number of functions to the OSMDLS was given to all of the bus drivers by Metroline during the active period of the trial (page 19 – Bus Poster). This led to the bus driver’s being misinformed and confused about the OSMDLS and their correct operating functions (page 75 – Bus Driver Interviews). This was pointed out by JBDL (one of the three project partners), when the chance to clarify some information was made available. The clarifications were never administered, and so the Trial Report was never amended to highlight and correct this major error. As a result, JBDL has inserted some comments to a second copy of the report to clarify some points. There is a second link below (right-hand link) to the Trial Report with ‘clarification comments’ included within the report. The ‘Comment’ icon can be found within the relevant paragraph(s) of the Trial Report. The word –  ‘Comment’ can also be found in the ‘Table of Contents’ description at the start of the report. The clarification can be viewed by either ‘hovering over’ or ‘clicking’ on the ‘Comment’ icon. These clarifications are required so as not to undermine the OSMDLS system. The product inventor is the sole owner of the GB2488862 and US9242596 Patents and the Intellectual Property (IP) pertaining to vehicle downlights with angular adjustment on the vertical axis and its functions. The rights to use some of the IP information was permitted by the product inventor, to the involved parties in the trial, for product information purposes and inclusion into the final report. Clearly, the correct number of functions to the OSMDLS and their associated operations as per the IP information, did not get relayed to the bus drivers. It is for this reason that clarifications have been necessary to a second copy of the trial report so as to try and prevent any ambiguity for any of its readers.

The ‘Optional Side Marker Downlights’ (OSMDLS) trial and its Trial Report has been compiled independently by Loughborough University. This was done on behalf of the three ‘project partners’ Transport for London (TfL), bus operator Metroline and JBDL. The Trial Report was published and made public either ‘in-part’, or ‘in-whole’, on the Transport for London website on Friday 14th January 2022.